Essential Benefits of Using an Executive Apartment Instead of a Hotel

For most people looking for mid-range accommodation for a business trip or a temporary job assignment outside of town, the first and only solution for housing seems to be a hotel room. This couldn’t be more wrong, though. Hotel accommodation can end up being more expensive and not as convenient as the alternative solution of an executive apartment. Using such a serviced flat will provide better amenities, more freedom of movement, and an environment similar to home.

Although in the past renting executive apartments meant that you had to stay in a city for a long time, today more and more alternatives are popping up that allow short stays and even day-stays for people’s business trip needs.

Who Uses Corporate Housing?

The typical user of a corporate apartment is the businessperson who travels often, from salespeople to corporate representatives conducting business in other cities. New hires and professionals being transferred from one position to another are also frequent users. They are likely in search of a permanent housing solution for a new job, but finding a new home can usually take months while an executive apartment is move-in ready.

Executives moving from one city of their business operation to another are also using this type of housing solution. But these furnished apartments are equally fit for interns, displaced homeowners, and even people who are on a long-term vacation.

Apartment Instead of a Hotel2

What Amenities Can You Expect from an Executive Apartment?

There are many solutions available now on the market. A full, premiere business solution like the Emerald Executive Apartments in Queensland will provide all the necessary amenities that a business executive or professional will require for his or her stay.

The basics are included, from furniture, linens, and housewares to a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom including washer and dryer. On top of that, you can have all the modern facilities you would have at home such as Wi-Fi access, a flat-screen TV providing the latest and most exciting viewing options, keyless entry, and top-notch heating and air conditioning options. All the comforts one requires are at hand here, ready to be used.

What Are the Advantages of a Serviced Flat?

Although it may sound off, less-frequent housekeeping is actually a great perk to have. If you have been living in hotel rooms enough, you know how easily hotel personnel can become disruptive with frequent, several-times-a-day visits for changing the sheets or changing the towels. In executive apartments, housekeeping is done a few times per week and is in no way disruptive. You also have the option of doing your own laundry for free, which can be a very nice alternative to many.

How Much Will It All Cost?

For the majority of corporate housing and relocation projects, your company will provide the entire sum through their local mobility department. Some businesses also issue a business card that will allow you to handle these expenses on your own.

There aren’t usually any hidden fees or extras while staying in a corporate apartment, as rent will always include basic utilities and services. The bottom line is that an extended stay in one of these serviced flats will end up costing less than a hotel arrangement.

While traveling for business, you are generally confronted with the stress of being away from the comforts of your own home for long periods of time. Your comfort is the main priority, though, and a corporate apartment solution will always help you feel like home.